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The Fern

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The Fern

The Fern 23 mai 2019

Filicophytes commonly known as ferns are vascular cryptogams. They comprise about 13,000 species, three quarters of which are found in tropical regions, a good proportion of which are epiphytic. Rhizomatous perennial plant whose aerial part carries large leaves, the fronds. The latter are rolled up into a crook when they are born and develop into a large serrated triangular palm. One finds them in the wood and underwoods in colonies thanks to their tracing rhizomes. They prefer moist shady situations and rather acidic soil. 

These active ingredients are: gallic and acetic acid, tannin, rich in trace elements and minerals: potassium, silica, calcium. 

Properties: fungicide, insecticide and repellent. Fermented fern extract prevents insect attacks, such as black, green and laniger aphids as well as leafhoppers, red spiders and potato beetles, among others as well as rust on some plant varieties.



Fermented extract: 1 kg of leaves for 10 liters of rainwater, let ferment for about 10 days, stirring daily, the stop of emission of large white bubbles informs us of the end of fermentation. We filter and we put in bottle. The association with other extracts: nettle, horsetail and comfrey reinforces its action. Before planting dilution to 10% before spraying on the ground, to be carried out 2 times for an insecticidal effect, after planting to be used pure for an insect repellent effect.

Also has fungicidal action on rust on hollyhock, rose and fruit trees, use pure extract and treat early as a preventative. 

Fermentation waste can be discarded at the foot of plants sensitive to slug attacks, in fact these are attracted and intoxicated by metaldehyde ,active substance which has a molluscicidal effect ( used to kill slugs and snails) produced by this waste.

You can also prevent cabbage maggot egg-laying by mulching with ferns, the odor given off by these disorients the moths.

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