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1. Définitions

  • Site: The website is subject to this privacy policy.
  • Internet user(s) Any visitor to the Site from a computer device.
  • User(s): Natural or legal person who has completed an online registration form or requested a contact request via the Site.
  • Service(s): All the Services offered by
  • Cookie(s): A small information file sent to the Internet user's browser and saved in his computer device.

2. Présentation

  • Owner: Tomatofifou, Le Bourg 63600 Saint-Ferréol-des-Côtes
  • Creator Tasch Agency.
  • RCS: 843 496 266 00019.
  • Publishing Manager: François Gaborit
  • Host: Online SAS - BP 438 - 75366 Paris CEDEX 08

3. Personal data collected

Through the various functionalities implemented on our Site, several data may be collected, either directly by our Site or through third-party services to which you have previously given your consent (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, Linkedin, etc.). and for which it is appropriate to take an interest in the privacy policy that you have approved. In all cases, the personal information that we use for purposes other than statistics (commercial or marketing) is information that you provide to us directly and which is reserved for internal purposes:
  • Civility
  • First name
  • Name
  • Company
  • Email
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Photo and/or its URL
  • Physical Location
  • Sex
  • Birthday date
  • List of friends or contacts (Set of social media type services: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin...)

4. Use of personal data collected


When you leave a comment on our Website, the data entered in the comment form, but also your IP address and the user agent of your browser are collected to help us detect unwanted comments.

An anonymized string created from your e-mail address (also called a hash) can be sent to the Gravatar Services to check if you are using it. The confidentiality clauses of the Gravatar Services are available here. After validation of your comment, your profile picture will be publicly visible next to your comment.

4.2. Média

If you are a registered user and upload images to the Website, we advise you to avoid uploading images containing EXIF GPS coordinate data. Visitors to your Website can download and extract location data from these images.

4.3. Forms

Our Site uses several contact forms, these forms use the WordPress GravityForms extension which stores the data you enter in the database in order to be able to send you a return following a question.

4.4. Subscription forms

Our Site may submit forms offering you the download of content (PDF Guide, Video Guide) and/or subscription to an e-mail campaign (newsletter, content distribution program). Other personal information may be used, such as your telephone number, for SMS-type campaigns. In order to guarantee that this subscription results from a deliberate choice on your part, our forms clearly mention the use that will be made of your data in the form of a checkbox.

4.5. CRM

We can integrate a CRM-type customer relationship management tool into our Site, which will show us data allowing us to associate labels with your profile and/or analyze your user experience. This information gives us the opportunity to improve and provide you with relevant content. The personal data stored by our software (Agile CRM) is accessible only to our administrators and is in no way transferred to third-party partners.

5. Cookies

5.1. Do we use Cookies?

Yes, Cookies allow us to remember information in order to improve access to our Site and identify repeat visitors. More generally, Cookies improve the user experience by tracking and targeting their interests. However, this use of Cookies is in no way linked to any personally identifiable information on our Site.


You have the option of specifying your consent to certain data collected and processed when you browse our Site by clicking on the button opposite.

The CNIL provides you with information on how to control these Cookies more drastically ( click here)

5.2. What cookies allow us

These cookies allow us to improve navigation by saving configuration preferences (languages, resolution, display, etc.), to optimize security by blocking simultaneous access to several users who attempt to access certain identical content, to memorize personal information relating to a form that you filled out when registering for one of our services, to memorize the products and/or services that you have ordered up to the confirmation page of your order , to allow the caching of the pages of our websites or our services for faster access to these various pages.

5.3. Comment cookies

If you leave a comment on our Site, you will be offered to save your name, e-mail address and Website in Cookies. This is only for your convenience so that you do not have to enter this information if you leave another comment later. These Cookies expire after one year.

5.4. Account Cookies

If you have an account and you connect to this Site, a temporary Cookie will be created to determine if your browser accepts Cookies. It does not contain personal data and will be deleted automatically when you close your browser.

When you log in, we will set up a number of Cookies to save your login information and your preferences. screen. The lifetime of a Login Cookie is two days, that of a Screen Options Cookie is one year. If you check “Remember me”, your login Cookie will be kept for two weeks. If you log out of your account, the Login Cookie will be cleared.

By editing or publishing a post, an additional Cookie will be saved in your browser. This Cookie does not include any personal data. It just shows the ID of the post you just edited. It expires after one day.

5.5. External Services Cookies

Our Site may deliver certain content through third-party services such as:

  • Share buttons (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google.. .)
  • Lists of tweets (Twitter)
  • Lists of photos (Instagram, Pinterest...)< /li>
  • Videos (Youtube, Vimeo...)

These features use third-party cookies directly deposited by these services. During your first visit to our site, a banner informs you of the presence of these cookies and invites you to indicate your choice. They are only deposited if you accept them. You can set your preferences at any time by clicking on the button presented above.

For more information, we invite you to consult the documentation linked to each of these services:

In case we have omitted one of the services used, we suggest that you type in Google a request of the type "name_of_the_service + cookie" (ex: twitter cookie).

5.6. Audience statistics cookies

In order to analyze the navigation and use of our Site, we may use services offered by third-party service providers such as Google Analytics, Mix Panel, amplitude or HotJar. These service providers use Cookies to extract information such as the url of origin, the frequency with which you use the Services, events related to the use of the Service, usage data, performance data, and the location from which the application was downloaded.

In order to prevent Google Analytics from collecting information through our Site or other sites than the other you can use tools as described here.

These cookies allow us to obtain the volumes of use of our Website and our Services such as the number of visits, unique visitors, page views and information on the use of categories, content visited, browsing routes taken.

The deletion of these cookies has no impact on browsing on our Website or on the use of our Services. However, refusing these cookies will result in the display of editorial content not suited to your areas of interest, making it less effective to report technical problems on our site.

Your IP address is also temporarily collected to determine the city from which you connect. This is immediately anonymized after use. We can therefore in no way trace this back to a natural person.

The personal data collected (cookie identifier) ​​is kept on our site for a period of 24 months. They are not transferred to third parties or used for other purposes.

You can choose to refuse cookies and the statistical analysis of your browsing data via the preference manager accessible by the button presented above.

In order to improve the user experience and the quality of our services, we can use tracking systems linked to a customer relationship management tool (CRM). These tools implement Cookies in order to report information such as the page paths followed, actions performed (clicks, form submission)...

5.7. Advertising cookies

Our site may use third-party advertising tools that give us the ability to communicate about our Services on a media network such as other sites you visit and other applications you use.

The advertising displayed will depend on a multitude of criteria such as the pages viewed, your age, your gender, your demographics, your searches, the content generated by the User, your interests and other information from your person.

To help us place these targeted advertisements on other websites or in mobile applications we use third party services such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter... This type of service does use of cookies or other tracking technologies on your computer, mobile phone or other device to collect information about your use of the Services.

We do not have access to the use of cookies or other technologies trackers placed p ar ad technologies, ad servers, unaffiliated third-party ad networks, or other unaffiliated third parties, on your devices used to access the Services, this policy can in no way govern such use.

In order to understand how you could block the use of these services we recommend that you consult the content present on Google's ad settings here, the Network Advertising Initiative, or the Digital Advertising Alliance.

Concerning the display on your smartphone, each manufacturer sets up documentation on how to manage their cookie preferences, so we invite you to refer to it.

We do not control the links provided above and below to opt out of targeted advertising or any particular company's decision to offer such opt-out features. We are not responsible for the choices you make when using these options, their availability over time, or their accuracy.

Removal from remarketing lists

In order to allow you to remove yourself from our advertising retargeting lists on third-party sites (Google Display Network, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), we have set up a page which, when consulted, removes you from all lists . Click on the button opposite to access this page. Remember to consult this page with all the browsers and devices with which you are likely to have already visited our site.

5.8. Configuring cookies in your browser

6. Use and transmission of your personal data

6.1. Storage times for your data

If you leave a comment, the comment and its metadata are retained indefinitely. This allows subsequent comments to be automatically recognized and approved instead of leaving them in the moderation queue.

For users who register on our Site (if possible), we also store the personal data indicated in their profile. All users can see, modify or delete their personal information at any time (except for their username·ice). Site managers can also see and modify this information. Information intended for marketing purposes is kept for a maximum of 3 years and data relating to invoicing for a maximum of 6 years.

6.2. Complaints about your data

If you have an account or if you have left comments on the Site, you are entitled to make several requests. A form (here) has been made available to you so that you can make a complaint about your personal data, a modification request, a deletion request, or an export request.

7. Additional Information

7.1. How we protect your data

In order to ensure the protection of your data, we use tools that comply with GDPR legislation as much as possible. We integrate into our WordPress solution quality plugins whose support is provided by a paid offer. We apply the latest versions of security patches to our solution as regularly as possible.

To stay up to date with the latest possibilities in terms of GDPR compliance, we regularly monitor this subject.< /p>

7.2. Procedures implemented in the event of a data leak

In the event of a major attack presenting risks for your data, we will notify the CNIL and you yourself so that you can take the necessary measures.

8. Contact Information

For any information request, please contact Tomatofifou by filling out the contact form (click here).
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