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Tomatofifou Association

Preserve, Distribute...

...Let's sow diversity...

the Association

This "1901 law" type association aims to:

- safeguarding and promoting old varieties of tomatoes, peppers and peppers through educational events (fair, exhibition, etc.)

-Assistance in the creation of educational vegetable gardens in all places, public and private, by implementing the most natural methods possible.

- Act for the discovery of gardening in schools.

All in conjunction with other associations, groups or solidarity networks that contribute to the preservation of plant biodiversity.

The Shop

This shop aims to distribute seeds of reproducible varieties of Solanaceae and more specifically of Tomatoes - Peppers - Peppers and Eggplants.

Unlike the majority of sales sites available on the Web, this shop does not have a profit-making purpose in accordance with the law governing associations known as "Law 1901". The gains generated by the sales will finance the association in order to help it carry out its various projects.

Thus by buying on this site not only will you obtain rare, quality seeds, but in addition you will do a good deed by helping the association to perpetuate...

We need you

Following the destruction of 2 of our greenhouses and in order to replace them to continue to present you beautiful and rare varieties, come and shop in our shop. Remember that we are an association and that we need your solidarity to survive....

Thanks to the success of the store, the association was able to replace its greenhouses and add 2 more... Thank you all!

In search of a rare variety... consult the database on
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