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Introduced by A Livingston, USA. Very original variety because of its colour evolution: first light green then waxy white.

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This variety was introduced in the USA in 1897, under the name of "Honor Bright", by Alexander Livingston who was the great breeder of tomato varieties in the USA during the 19th century. Very original variety because of its colour evolution: first light green, then waxy white, then lemon yellow, then evolving to a bright red, before turning orange.

Fruit of medium size, globular and ribbed at the top, gathered in clusters of 3 to 5 units that ripen together. Great storage capacity, if picked before full ripeness, from one to four weeks in a cool place.

Tender and melting flesh, excellent flavour.

Semi-determinate variety, not exceeding 1.20 m.


Grown in 2015 under cover
-Sown on 15 March
-Planted on 7 May
Semi-determined growth
-Plant with great development, average vigour, to vegetate a good part of the summer to literally take off in the second part of the season. Grown on 2 stems.
-Height +/- 2.20 m
-Foliage yellowish green, drooping habit.
-Flower: 6 sepals and 6 petals
-Cluster composed of 1 long bunch of 6/10 fruits
-Fruit: large, round, slightly flattened with discreetly rounded and ribbed shoulders.
-Initially translucent white in colour, gradually turning bright red.
-Depression at the stem attachment is weak and moderately wide.
-Trace of umbilicus at a tiny point.
-Harvest: good, regular until frost, much better in the second half of the season.
-Juicy, fleshy and dense flesh. Mulitloges contain many seeds and gel.
-Original flavour.

















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