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Recent creation from the USA. Flattened fruit, 250 grams, green/yellow/orange/red variegated with dark green shoulders.

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Recent variety originating from the USA.

Fruit weighs 250 grams, beefsteak type, flattened, ribbed at the top and with rounded shoulders.

Green/yellow/orange/red variegated skin with dark green shoulders.

The flesh is yellow with green marbling and has a very aromatic taste, reminiscent of black tomatoes.

Large, even foliage, indeterminate growth.

Good production from mid-season to the first frost.


Grown in 2015 in a greenhouse in Ambert (780m)
-Sown on 15 March
-Planted on 2 May
-Indeterminate growth
-Plant with a large development and a balanced habit, between regular and long. Grown on 2 stems.
-Height +/- 2.00 m
-Foliage is long and wide with a slightly drooping habit.
-Flower: 8 sepals and 8 petals
-Cluster composed of 2 to 3 bunches of 3/5 fruits
-Fruit: medium to large size, flattened beefsteak type, well rounded shoulders, strong ribbing at the top.
-Colour varies from greenish yellow to medium green. Total absence of red colouring.
-Depression at the wide, deep, corky stalk attachment.
-Trace of umbilicus in a more or less wide corky line.
-Harvest: good, regular and long. Slow fruiting and ripening. Not very sensitive to heat.
-Juicy green and yellow flesh, green gel. Multiloges with a lot of gel and seeds.
-Taste: good, typical of green varieties. To be eaten "al dente", does not keep well and loses its flavour quickly.





Medium to big


Bigarrée, Green


Beefsteak, Flattened, Ribbed












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