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Originally from Brazil.. The very special shape of these pods has earned it very evocative names like "bishop's hat"...

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Variety originating from Barbados/Brazil where it is widely used and often sold in its green form.

Fruit with a pendular port, wrinkled pod of +/- 6 cm in diameter and 4 cm high, with a singular shape with 3 or 4 flat "wings" which can also evoke a flying saucer!

Ripens from pale green to dark red.

At the green stage, the fruits are not pungent and already have an interesting aroma and have a slight sweet touch which becomes much more present when ripe. The spiciness is sweet to medium knowing that the heat is exclusively present in the center of the fruit, the wings or petals being devoid of it. Heat: 12,000 SHU.

Plant with great well-branched development which can approach 1.50 meters and which requires staking, it can be grown as a perennial. Excellent production but late (+/- 100 days for red fruits).



Capsicum Baccatum

Immature Color


mature color

Dark red


6 - Burning 5k à 15k






+ or - 1.2m



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